I'm afraid you have a lifestyle business

I’m Afraid You Have a Lifestyle Business

It was a monster house. I could have used a golf cart to get me from my car to his front door. It was intimidating. If my startup took off leading to a big exit would I live in a place like this? The thought came and went but my mind was to busy refining the pitch. It felt like my last opportunity for success. After enduring a year of gut-churning highs and lows, I
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Dan Turkman

Vince Vaughn, Julian Edelman, and the Recognition of the Infinite Possibilities of Emptiness [Part One]

It’s a warm spring day in Austin. I’ve got to the top off the new Jeep. I’m wearing a hat to protect my head from the Texas sun. In the last year, my receding hairline has gone from orderly retreat, to running away from a burning building with its ass on fire. As my rolling mid-life crisis pulls up to a stop light, I’ve got some Dylan playing. It’s kind of loud. Loud enough to
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Money as a Story

This post also appeared on The Good Men Project I realize this likely isn’t news to you, but Seth Godin is just a remarkable guy. After listening to Godin on Tim Feriss’ podcast, I grabbed his audiobook Leap First. It’s actually not a book, but a talk he gives to a very small group. Godin’s magic is his ability to be both unassuming and inspiring. His delivery is slow, easy, and measured. He settles you in,
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