Dan Turkman

Vince Vaughn, Julian Edelman, and the Recognition of the Infinite Possibilities of Emptiness [Part One]

It’s a warm spring day in Austin. I’ve got to the top off the new Jeep. I’m wearing a hat to protect my head from the Texas sun. In the last year, my receding hairline has gone from orderly retreat, to running away from a burning building with its ass on fire. As my rolling mid-life crisis pulls up to a stop light, I’ve got some Dylan playing. It’s kind of loud. Loud enough to
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What Interstellar taught me about being a father

What Interstellar Taught Me About Being a Father

What is missing from the future you imagine? I don’t consider myself a fan of Matthew McConaughey. Maybe I’m a bit insecure of men who are far more rich and handsome than me and want no part of making them richer. It’s possible. Given my aversion to McConaughey, it came as a surprise when I was sucked into the trailer for Interstellar. The movie didn’t disappoint on the big screen; close calls with black holes,
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