Do You Believe in Perfection? [Part Two]

This is part two of a post on Perfection. Missed part one? I’ll let it slide, this time. You can find part one here. In part one, I talked about how the words of others can change our expectations and goals. Compliments like “awesome” and “genius” have become overused pleasantries. Few of us take them seriously. Perfection is different. We internalize perfection. The expectation of perfection festers within us and disrupts our flow. When we are
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Do you believe in perfection?

Do You Believe in Perfection? [Part One]

This is part one of a four part series on the menace we call perfection. Perfection is a loaded term. Much like its cousins genius and awesome, perfection is casually tossed around in everyday conversation. There is a difference though. Generally we believe that people don’t develop into geniuses. Most of us don’t expect to ever be considered a genius because it has effectively been out of our control since birth. Still, the term is used
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